Advice on Linkages to Other Council Processes

Council staff providing advice on resource management matters should also be aware of parallel council processes, such as building consents, permits under bylaws, liquor licences, food licences, trade waste licences, dangerous goods licenses etc. They should be able to assist or at least direct applicants in the right direction for assistance, if other council regulations or processes apply. 

If the council develops specific checklists for particular activities, think about including the parallel council processes that might affect that activity. For example, many temporary events (such as festivals, fairs etc) require a range of council approvals in addition to any resource consent. Some councils have prepared a temporary event checklist and/or application form which alerts applicants to the varying information requirements across the council 

There is also often a close link between council RMA processes and requirements under the Building Act 2004. For example, resource consent applications for new dwellings will also require a building consent under the Building Act 2004. Refer to A beginner's guide to resource and building consent processes under the Resource Management Act 1991 and the Building Act 2004 (produced by the Ministry for the Environment jointly with the (former) Department of Building and Housing).