Plan Making

  • Plan Components – everything from historic heritage to surface water quality

  • Plan Steps – the entire process from start to finish

  • Plan Topics – information to assist planning for industries and sectors


The first set of National Planning Standards have recently been released. Quality Planning guidance will be updated to reflect the planning standards and the implications that these will have for writing plans, plan-making processes and plan topics. In the meantime, see First set of planning standards and supporting material [Ministry for the Environment website].

The Government is overhauling our resource management system, focusing on the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) – the primary legislation governing the use of our land, water and air resources. 

The Government wants the RMA to support a more productive, sustainable and inclusive economy. It also wants the RMA to be easier for New Zealanders to understand and engage with. The Government is approaching this in two stages:
•    Stage one: Amending the RMA
•    Stage two: A comprehensive review

You can read more about this work on the Ministry for the Environment website.