Have an Integrated Approach

  • Integration is the key to successful monitoring.

  • Dedicate staff resources for monitoring within the consents team or integrate across the council.

  • Be pragmatic and use available skills and knowledge of staff to best effect.

  • Link consents and compliance monitoring and reporting with state of the environment and policy/plan effectiveness monitoring and reporting.

  • Specify linkages through a monitoring strategy.

  • Establish effective feedback loops so consents, compliance and complaints monitoring can provide useful information for other monitoring activities (such as for RMA plan effectiveness and Local Government Act 2002).

  • Consider linking RMA consents and compliance monitoring with other council functions that also require monitoring for example, under the Building Act 2004.

  • Document systems and procedures (such as who does what, when, how and why) because of staff turnover.

  • Link to Ministry for the Environment two-yearly reporting requirements (RMA Survey).