Esplanade Provisions and Subdivision Policy

Where a council chooses to develop policies and provisions relating to esplanade reserves and esplanade strips beyond the provisions contained in ss229 to 237, these need to be carefully drafted in the district plan.

  • A strategically planned approach to reserves acquisition can assist in ensuring esplanade reserves and strips are provided for in a coordinated manner able to fulfil multiple objectives (e.g. coastal management, water quality protection, recreation and habitat enhancement). Coordination may be facilitated through showing on district plan maps those water bodies where esplanade provisions are to be applied. These can then be viewed by those applying for, and processing, subdivision consents.
  • The esplanade provisions should be based on the particular circumstances of the district, taking into account the public access and/or ecological benefits associated with the creation of new esplanade reserves/strips. Consideration should also be given to the circumstances in which the council may wish to purchase land for esplanade purposes beyond the statutory requirements of the Act (e.g. for subdivisions in excess of 4ha or for esplanades wider than 20m);
  • The esplanade provisions need to have clear and measurable criteria for waivers and reductions. These criteria need to be linked to community and reserves planning at a strategic level.
  • The Plan should provide clear direction through its policies, rules and assessment criteria as to where an access strip or esplanade strip may be a more suitable option than an esplanade reserve.

Esplanade reserves are the subject of a separate guidance note.