Benefits of eRMA

A significant benefit of e-RMA is that it delivers RMA-related information and services to the public wherever and whenever they want to access them (e.g. at home or work). Good access to RMA information and services:

  • enables the public to participate in local government by being better informed
  • provides a better and more available flow of information to agencies, applicants and other stakeholders
  • improves efficiency by making RMA plans, policy statements and procedures more accessible
  • improves accountability by making council records of RMA practices and procedures more accessible.

Access to a well developed e-RMA system also allows councils to:

  • streamline their RMA consultation processes
  • improve the efficiency of their RMA administration
  • reduce 'face to face' enquiries and allow RMA practitioners to focus on their other responsibilities
  • reduce duplication and achieve economies of scale (e.g. sharing information between organisations)
  • increase productivity and improve customer service
  • lower costs.