The RMA Quality Planning Resource

This guidance has been updated to include changes to the RMA as a result of the Resource Management Amendment Act 2013 (RMAA13). The final part of the RMAA13 came into effect on 3 March 2015. For more information about the amendments refer to the RMAA13- Fact Sheets available from the Ministry's website.

Before making an application for resource consent under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), careful consideration needs to be given to what an application should contain. Many people look to councils to provide them with advice about the resource consent process, how to make an application and information is should contain.

This guidance note provides some best practice advice to assist councils in informing the public why resource consents are required, what the resource consent process and plan requirements are, and how to prepare a complete resource consent application.

A range of means can be used to communicate the resource consent process and RMA requirements to the public. Click on the graphics below to learn more about each aspect of communicating the resource consent process or download the entire guidance note.


Pamplets and other guidance

Pamphlets and other guidance material



Application forms


Pre-application meetings

Pre-application meetings


Time and costs 
Provision of costs and time estimates


Linkages to other council processes

Advice on linkages to other

council processes